Stewardship '17

Earn. Save. Give. – Wesley's Simple Rules for Money

♫♫Praise God from whom all blessings flow! ♫♫ 

These words of thanksgiving have been ringing in my heart throughout the past month as engaged in our annual stewardship campaign.

During the campaign we studied Wesley’s advice to earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can. We were challenged to earn, save, and give in ways that are consistent to our commitment to Christ. I know that often we hear the call to make financial commitments to the church as something that God wants from us. It is my hope and prayer that during the series you have come to see your financial commitment to the church as something that God wants for you. God wants our hearts to be freed from the power that money can hold on them. God wants us to experience the gift of God’s gracious love and purpose.

I am so grateful for the participation we had on Commitment Sunday! I know that each pledge represents your prayer and reflection, and a response to the work of God in our congregation. Thank you for your generosity and your commitment to our church. May each of you experience the joy of generosity!

Pastor Lynn