Stewardship '18

Defying Gravity: Break Free from the Culture of More

 Dear Friends,
This October we’ll be celebrating a churchwide stewardship program called “Defying Gravity.” Over a four-week period we’ll examine the generous life—what it is and why it can be hard to experience. We’ll be studying the topic of generosity, including data from surveys, insights from experts, and conversations with generous people about their goals and habits. We want to understand why generosity brings people joy and what forces work against it. Many of us want to experience the significance of blessing others but feel trapped by past decisions and misled by a society that bombards us with messages of having more and having better. 
The good news is that Jesus offers us a way to “defy gravity” and break free from the culture of more. This October, come hear what the Bible and others say about how to experience a generous life, during this series to help you consider your relationship with money, possessions, and giving

Pastor Lynn