Wednesday Night Services / Programs

Wednesday evenings are PACKED with fun activities
you and your family are welcome to attend!

5:00     Soul Cafe'
                  Come and enjoy fellowship and food
               with members of NLR FUMC congregation!      
               Located in the Fellowship Hall.  Good food for a                     low price!  For more information, contact the                         kitchen coordinator, Sarah Jones.

5:45     Ensemble Practice 
                 For more information, contact Minister of Music Kurt Kennedy at                         
6:00     United Methodist Youth (UMY)
                 For more information, check out our UMY page, or contact Minister of Youth                 and Families Steven Carr at

6:00     Children's Choirs
                  The Cherub Children's Choir, ages 3 - 2nd grade, meet during the school                        year in the church parlor and the Angel Choir, grades 3rd - 5th,
               meet during the school year in the Coral Reef classroom.   All  
               choirs participate in worship services throughout the year along 
               with special performances during Advent, Christmas and Palm                                      Sunday.
6:30     Cruisin' Christian Adventures 
             Wednesday nights are a mix of fun                  science-type projects, movies, 
             games and missions at Cruisin'                      Christian Adventures Kidz.  All                        groups meet from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.                each Wednesday during the school                  year. Three-year-olds through 1st                  graders meet upstairs in the Coral Reef room.  Second                                  through 5th graders also meet upstairs in the Imagination                            Island room.
6:30     Chancel Choir Rehearsal
                    For more information or to join, contact Minister of Music Ministries, Kurt                       Kennedy at

6:30     Chapel Service 
After enjoying a great meal at our Soul Cafe', join us for an inspirational
                  chapel service led by Pastor Davis and church laity.  This relaxed
                  service with singing, praying, communion and a brief message offers a
                  welcome mid-week respite.